Who doesn´t know the Relinchón?

Saturday, 18 April, 2015
Surely, on your walks you have encountered the shortpod mustard or Mediterranean mustard more than once, perhaps without knowing its name. 
In Spanish it is called Relinchón.
This is a typical spring plant and can be found flowering on roadsides, ditches and wasteland from March onwards till nearly mid-summer. 
Originally it grew in the Mediterranean countries and it is related to mustard, cabbage, watercress, rape and many other species of the big cruciferous family. All those plants have in common the structure of their flowers, with four petals arranged crosswise. 
Most crucifers have yellow or white flowers, but in some they are of lilac or blue colour. 
The shortpod mustard is found on all the Canaries. In Fuerteventura it has spread over the whole territory except the higher mountains, and it is just now when we see it in full flower. 
The picture, as the one of the blackspot hornpoppy, was obtained a few days ago in the vicinity of Tesejerague.