What do you know about the Guirrera?

Monday, 9 February, 2015
Though hard to believe, the Guirrera (Commicarpus helenas) is related to the colorful bougainvillea, this tropical creeper Brazil, so prevalent in the Canarian gardens. But guirrera is much more modest: the flowers are very small, only 2-3 mm in diameter. Lives in North Africa and the Middle East; Canary only known in Fuerteventura.
The common name of this plant in our island obviously has to do with the Egyptian vulture,guirre in Spanish, this great scavenger bird in the Canaries only survives in our island. It is a beautiful excuse to enjoy a walk in nature watching these birds that are the protagonists of the Biosphere Reserve in Fuerteventura. But I do not know how they are related plant with the bird.
One friend told me that in some places saw these plants under guirre nests. The bird obviously does not eat them, but as the seeds of the plant are very sticky, it is possible that they take them glued to feathers and seeds fell into a rocky crevice below the nest, later growing a plant.
It is precisely in rocky terrain not far from the sea where we find this plant, usually on exposed slopes south or west. Only sown in rainy winters. In spring the buds are dried, but the thick root stays and sprouts again when it returns to be favorable conditions.