This is one of the most spectacular succulent plants Kalanchoe beharensis

Saturday, 19 April, 2014

This is one of the most spectacular succulent plants, a shrub that with the years may attain 2 meters in height. The leaves are large, rigid and fleshy, but the most amazing thing of them is its outer skin, covered in a short, dense and rough felt.

There are many species of Kalanchoe; most of them come from Africa and Madagascar. They are related to our European house-leeks. Some Kalanchoe species produce small plantlets on the edge of the leaves, which fell down and root. Reproduction is thus not difficult in these plants. But it can also be achieved through seeds. Most Kalanchoe flower readily and the flowers are very ornamental. Later, small fruit capsules appear which contain the tiny seeds.

Kalanchoe beharensis is a native of Madagascar and needs enough space to grow, because it attains great size. Other Kalanchoe se conform with fewer space. But the requirements of the plants are always the same: a permeable soil and full sun (some smaller species rather like half-shadow), as well as not too much watering, with irrigation rather widely spaced in time. They are ideal plants for every garden in dry areas like Fuerteventura, and the smaller species can also be grown in a pot in the balcony.