More than good intentions

Thursday, 29 October, 2015
Do you know the strategy 2020 of the european Union for the conservation of the environment?
Tts a big oportunity for all of us, but especially for the trees and oldest woods. Everyday exist less of old trees which are enjoying care and especific protection in the old Europe, maybe thats what give us the explication why in the last 100 years disappeared 80% in the nature, forest, farming and urban.
Whats has this new strategy 2020?
The objective is to fight to the climate change, set up the economy the most eficient and sustainable posible in the use of the natural resources, territorial cohesion and social and conserve the biodiversity and governance.
From the Botanical Garden from Fuerteventura we are animating to visit the web of enviromment of the european Union where propose diferent tools for management of the habitats, today we like to highlight the proposit of the department of monumental trees of deputation of Valencia- IMELSA, which participate in this interesting and hopefool project.