Gardering techniques

For the establishment of tropical and subtropical plants (especially trees), the climate of the Southeastern coast of Fuerteventura is very dry. The irrigation is, therefore, a prerequisite for the establishment and maintenance of the Botanical Garden. On the one hand, the garden is watered with desalinated and refined water, on the other hand, with fresh water with an own desalination.

In addition, soil’s conditions in the area are also unpropitious to the establishment for vegetation with a certain development. It is necessary to break the limestone’s crust and provide fertile ground brought from other parts of Fuerteventura. Then, soil’s surface is usually covered with picón (volcanic lapilli) to reduce evaporation and create an appropriate soiled climate for plants’ development.

Canary native species, especially those belonging to the tabaibla-cardonal, and so many other generally arid species (cactus, African euphorbia, aloes, etc…) support really well soil conditions and can flourish without major work improvement, as long as they have enough moisture, usually supplied by localized irrigation (dripping).