As usually happens in oceanic islands, vertebrate fauna is mainly constituted by birds. In these coasts nest some type of birds such as pardelas, various types of petrels and paíños as well as yellow-legged gull. In the inside it is able to see linnets, trumpeter finch, pipits and short-toed larks. Kestrels, buzzards and ravens are common, and Fuerteventura is the only canary island which still counts with a viable population of common Egyptian vulture, here called "guirre".

They also have great importance the called "steppe birds", typical from arid plains and open spaces, among in which the limited Houbara Bustard shines. Curlew, cream-colored “Ortega” and also belong to this group of birds.

But the greatest jewel among these birds is the canary tarabila, an insectivorous bird which lives in no other part besides Fuerteventura. It is usually fairly confident and is distributed over almost the entire island.

The most striking mammal (apart from the numerous domestic goats living in freedom) is the Barbary ground squirrel, introduced 40 years ago from Africa. The reptiles are represented by Haria lizard, the gecko from the Eastern Canary (called "perenquén") and the rare skink majorero ("lisneja"). Numerous invertebrates’ species, many of them endemic, complete the faunal list of Fuerteventura. On the coast there is a great variety of fish, many of them like the "vieja", very gastronomically prized.