Do you know the Esparto Feathery?

Thursday, 5 February, 2015
This is a perennial grass called Esparto Feathery (Stipagrostis ciliated) which, however, as most of the plants of arid sites it behaves as an annual plant. That is, it is green in winter and spring is almost completely dry, lasting only the roots and the lower part of the stems. 
From February is when it is most striking, because then the dense tillers of esparto feathery come into flowering and fruiting, and inflorescence shown a showy white feathery appearance, because they have large amounts of small white hairs. Then the plant is seen in the roadsides in South Fuerteventura, between Gran Tarajal and La Lajita, especially backlit. 
It is also found in the rocky terrain of the lower mountains. It is rarer in the north of the island as well as in Jandia but if you get used to hiking or enjoy ecotourism this will be one of the best photographing plants for your collection.
This grass has a wide distribution in the desert areas of North Africa and the Middle East, reaching Pakistan. It also lives in East Africa. The Goats can be exploited but the truth is, it does not give much, because the sprigs are thin and very narrow and rather tough leaves.