Do we really will know the origin of the Scarlet pimpernel?

Saturday, 21 February, 2015
The Scarlet pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis) is a plant of Mediterranean origin, one of the many who really do not know with certainty whether it is native to the Canary Islands or has arrived with humans. 
To appreciate the beauty of its small flowers, does not matter. As it is a little plant, laying growth, many times we neither see. But it appears in many places, now in winter, for example alongside roads, on hillsides and ravines and even gardens. 
It's Family primroses or springs, not shown naturally in Canary plants, although some primroses grown in gardens. The Scarlet pimpernel is therefore of that family, have although much smaller flowers. 
More often find examples of blue flower, like the photo, but some have red flower. Elsewhere, as in some European countries, the variety of red flowers is the most common.
It seems that this plant is not very good for cattle, because it has some toxicity.