Conservation programs and genetic rescue

Special attention is being devoted to the conservilla majorera (Salvia herbanica). From this small and critically endangered shrub there are only 50 reproductive copies in inaccessible situations of cliffs from the Southeast part of Fuerteventura, existing a few hundred in areas travelled by herbivores and therefore there are severely nibbled and which cannot leave offspring. Cultivation of this species is not easy because it is specialized in growing in rocky crevices, where their long and thin roots penetrate. Nowadays the Botanical Garden Oasis Park, the only one in the world in which this plant can grow in similar conditions to their natural habitat, has about 80 specimens grown in pots, which should be useful as mother plants for seed directly planting in suitable rocky places of the Reserve. As transplantation of the species is very difficult, this is the only sure way to establish new populations, resulting in the loss of most of the specimens.

For other threatened species conservation programs will also be developped in the Botanical, in coordination with the Department of Environment of the Insular Cabildo from Fuerteventura, which also devotes extensive efforts to the conservation of some of these plants.