The average annual temperature is around 21 ° C, in winter can occasionally achieved absolute minimum temperatures of 10 ° C for a few days while During periods of warm in summer may overcome 40 ° C.

The average annual precipitation at La Lajita is approximately 100 l / m2. This means the irrigation’s need in the Botanical Garden, which is essential for trees and shrubs tropical and subtropical species, and most of the Canary flora species, and a useful aid for arid plants.

For being relatively sheltered on the leeward coast, the area of La Lajita supports not as strong currents of the trade winds as other parts of the island, such as the Isthmus of The Wall. This makes it easier the establishment of vegetation. It may be affected by temporary changes from the south-western area, usually in winter, which can make damage to the trees.

It is planned to install in the Botanical Garden a weather station, in order to obtain accurate data of the climate of the area