Cactus and succulents’ garden


Thousand specimens of several hundred worldwide species form one of the biggest crass plants’ collections of the Canary Islands. Cactaceous and Piteras (Agave) from the arid areas of Mexico, the Caribbean area and northern South America, more than 40 species of African and the Arabian peninsula’s aloes, strange “octopus’ trees” (Didierea and Alluaudia) from Madagascar , large euphorbia’s trees ... All of it integrated harmoniously on the slopes of a small valley, traversed by paths with shady trees. What catches specially attention are the enormous columnar cactus (Pachycereus, Stenocereus, Escontria, Browningia, Polaskia and others) and the numerous barrel cactus (Ferocactus, Echinocactus), sometimes popularly called “mother in law’s seat”. Native species aren´t missing either, such as the limited cactus of Jandía (Euphorbia handiensis), which grows in a natural way only in southern valleys of Fuerteventura, the “cuernúa” (Caralluma burchardii) and some species from Ceropegia's genus. 

Panels with information about the different groups of plants such as identify tags of the species make the visit a pleasant and informative walk around the crass or succulent plants’ world, whose harvest has so many fans all around the world.