And what about the famous Fumaria?

Wednesday, 11 February, 2015

Also fumaria (Fumaria montana) are typical winter plants. There are a number of species that are difficult to distinguish from each other.

Appearing in fields, usually with rocks or a wall, or grow among other plants, which can to climb because its sprigs are thin and weak and are best maintained with a bracket. They are also common in badlands.

Its scientific name Fumaria has to do with the word smoke, because these plants are intricate mass of a little gray-green color. Al botanist who named it, they had to remind smoke coming out of the earth. A little imagination is needed to appreciate that.

The flowers are small, but watching them closely, they are very nice. In almost all species have at least the tip of purple or red. In some the whole flower is red.

As many times I tell which family of plants belongs a species: the mellorinas are papaveraceous, being in the same family as the poppies (Papaver).

They do not seem much, right? Botany is Complicated