In your walks you ever see Asphodelus fistulosus?

Freitag, 30 Januar, 2015
As its name suggests, the Asphodelus fistulosus is small relative of the summer asphodel. The latter is perennial, much larger, and lives mainly in something fresh and moist, as on top of some mountain areas for Jandia ravines. 
With the small Asphodelus fistulosus on the contrary we stumbled across almost anywhere. This annual plant shares with bigger relative taste for places frequented by livestock, with a high content of nitrogen in the soil. 
The summer asphodel can thrive in these places, also because it is toxic and animals just touch it, also try in summer, unearth their thick roots full of moisture. 
The Asphodelus fistulosus is not as toxic as exemplary are sometimes bitten by goats or rabbits. Furthermore, its leaves provide food for the caterpillars of the moth Hyles lineata.