More wild plants for everyone

Montag, 2 Februar, 2015
Taking advantage of the good winter that we are having, with the island of Fuerteventura from Punta de Jandia to Corralejo wearing various shades of green, we are going to present more wild plants that can now be found on Fuerteventura. Now they are almost all in bloom and stumbled across a few everywhere. 
Let's start with Bread and Cheese (Lobularia canariensis), this is not an herb strictly seasonal as it lasts several years, but during the summer like many other small shrubs stays dry and leafless. After the rains sprout again and shortly thereafter the flowers appear.
The bread and cheese can be found throughout the island and in the Botanical Garden of Fuerteventura. Also lives in the other Canary Islands and southern Morocco. 
When grown in sand or rocks, we find ways to compact growth, like the one shown in the picture, taken in Mountain Cardones. In wetter areas in the central areas of Fuerteventura, as Agua de Bueyes, Vega de Rio Palmas and Antigua, this plant acquires a larger sized, more stretched stems, and is often in the gutters of the road.
Animals can eat this plant without problems. It is a cruciferous, therefore related with radish, wild radish, cabbage ... surely is also edible for humans, in salad, but I can not say for sure because I have not tried.