As it feels the cold this week, we present more winter plants

Dienstag, 10 Februar, 2015
We take this opportunity to show more plants that can now be found in our fields and gardens. Although do quite cold (more that we are accustomed here), sure you once in a while will  make a walk and find some of them.
Virgin's Mantle  (Fagonia Cretica) passes unnoticed for most of the part of year. They are a a little thorn scrub, lying on the ground, which grow almost anywhere in Fuerteventura, even in the driest areas, looking preferably rocky places. 
They also live in other islands and in North Africa and the Mediterranean region. During the summer barely have leaves; It is after the rains when they make leaves and showy flowers. Then we realize that it is a fairly common plant.
In the color, the flowers have nothing to envy the most appreciated garden plants such as bougainvillea, only they are much smaller. But the violet color is intense, as see in the picture. 
It's funny: the Fagonia Cretica is classified in the same botanical family as such Tetraena fontanesii, a succulent plant that grows on the coast. One day we will talk about it. 
The botanical family called the zigofiláceas, and within this family is also an important seedling of the Caribbean: Guaiacum  (Guaiacium officinale). Their flowers are quite similar to those of Fagonia Cretica, and its wood is one of the hardest known. This tree barely grows in the Canaries, but it would be a very good ornamental for our coastal areas as well tolerated salinity. It is also medicinal plant. 
So in the same botanical family there are three representatives who do not look all that much, except for the structure of the flowers: a tree, a fontanesii gross floor comoTetraena, (whose flowers are certainly not as showy) and lying shrubs.