Decorative nature with Tilandsia meridionalis

Donnerstag, 12 März, 2015
In some occasion we have spoken of tillandsias or "carnations air" as they are popularly called. They are plants of the family of pineapple, ie, bromeliads, and get most of the moisture and nourishment directly from the air. Many of them have small roots but these serve mainly to bind to the substrate. Leaves most of the tillandsias are covered with small flakes which absorb water.
There are hundreds of different species, all in Central or South America. They are size and shape varies according to species, and color of the flowers is also very different: there are flowers, red, blue and pink, as well violet and yellow. Depending on the species, it also changes the habitat in which they live. Many grow on the branches of trees and other plants, in rainforests as in dry forests or even in arid areas, where they are on the cactus. There are also species occurring on rocks, on the ground, on sand and even on electrical or telephone lines. Finally, there are species that gives the same substrate and are therefore on a wide variety of them.
The species that we presenting today, Tillandsia meridionalis, grows naturally in central South America. The inflorescence bracts (leaves transformed) pink and white flowers. It is a very decorative plant, like most carnations air. To grow, we must take into mind that you need an open, well ventilated and bright with some sun site. Periodically we spray the plant with water high quality, which occasionally we can add a small amount of fertilizer for orchids.
Garden centers often sell carnations air  single or also fixed onto branches, cork or stone, sometimes in very decorative groups. Do not you dare to have any?