You know the Moroccan chamomile?

Samstag, 14 Februar, 2015

Not many years ago still, maybe 10-12, it was discovered that this plant, which at first was thought to be exclusive to Morocco, also grew in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. 

So much for botanists, who ignored its presence in the islands, though the country people seemed to know, since a long time. Indicating that it is not a newly introduced species on the continent.

Moroccan chamomile (Aaronsohnia pubescens) is called because it is quite similar to the current chamomile, that which is used for medicinal purposes. The truth is I do not know if the Moroccan chamomile also has these properties.

In Fuerteventura is mainly in the southern part of the island, near Mountain Cardones. We have also seen near Triquivijate. It has not been found so far in Jandia. It grows in arid mountain slopes and on a good winter can form groups of hundreds of individuals. It is a plant rather late compared with other species bloom as flowers did not show up before the end of January and then may be to late March.

This species should not be confused with the White Anacyclus, a plant of similar appearance, especially the flowers, which are almost the same but a little older. The White Anacyclus, unlike the Moroccan chamomile, grows well in loons and other cultivated land, and is more abundant in the north of Fuerteventura than in the south.